Good fences make good neighbors

Our company deals with complex construction of fences. From excavation work, material blasting, coating or tiling. Full built fences, forged gates or fences with wooden filler. We provide full consultancy when building your fence or fencing.

Experience, expertise, professional and individual approach guarantee the quality of our service in the field of assembly and fence construction as well as precise woodworking.

Combination of natural materials and our professional knowledge brings for you as a customer unique product that satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Forged fence/gate

This type of fencing is considered decorative and practical element as well. Forged gates or decorative fence blocks. It is durable and very aesthetic kind of fencing. Forged fencing is suitable to enclose your house or chalet. It looks decorative while serves its practical purpose.



Mounting the mesh in a slope or stretching of mesh within larger surfaces is ideal way how to fence the area or object. We provide you the option of installing wire mesh or classic concrete columns. We offer also assembly of welded mesh (mesh panels).

We are team united with motto: “Do, what you can do the best”. We always prefer quality over quantity. Being professionals and individual approach is the difference you get with us. We cooperare with reliable suppliers of fittings, drives and fillers that have been established on Slovak market already for more than dozen of years.


Wooden filler/wooden fence

Very aesthetic and also long lasting type of fencing. The wood-filled plank is the unique way how to fence your house, garden, chalet or cottage. Thanks to the usage of hard wood as oak or acacia, the fence is more durable and provides longer life – up to 50 years.  We provide for you full – opaque parts to keep your privacy or classic fences with spaces in between. Our skills allow us to produce also trendy and designed type of fences that will  make you unique  in your neighbourhood and create specific atmosphere.


Shuttering blocks fence

Shuttering blocks are one of the highest quality materials used with construction of concrete fences. They guarantee privacy, durability, resistance and are total maintenance-free. The surface of shuttering blocks can be adjusted as per your need anytime. Concrete fence can be trimmed with marble, marmolite or lined with stone tiles. The outcome is elegant and also effective fence that serves its protective purpose as well the aesthetic one.

It is really important for you – our customers to realize what are your expectations from new fence. Which environment this fence will be placed in, what kind of conditions to expect and also set up your budget that you would like to invest into fencing.


Lamel fences

„Z“ profile

The second variant of our range of modern fillings with timeless design. The filling is suitable for a more modern building where it has a pleasant aesthetic, massive impression. The material is similar to the previous one almost maintenance-free and durable. The filling can be made of materials, aluminum, zinc. Optional surface finish is available. In the standard, we offer two-component polyurethane spraying plus an optional color shade.



Belongs to a group of modern materials in the production of fences, gates, rails, stairs, grids and many other products. It is predominantly intended for a modern building where its design is distinguished. The material is almost maintenance-free and does not require any special care. There are several punching patterns to choice.To this group belong perforated sheet metal too. The filling can be made of materials, aluminum, zinc, iron. The price is directly proportional to the price of the selected material. We offer to chose surface finish. In the standard, we offer two-component polyurethane spraying plus choice of paint.

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